We Want Your Sample Dresses!

This Magic Moment Bridal StudioJoin our Profit-Sharing Program!  We want your sample gowns.


Get Paid Monthly & Make Room For New Inventory.

Why send my sample, discontinued & overstock dresses to you?

Because selling one, two, & three past season dresses and all discontinued dresses is costing you money. Your overhead and sales staff doesn’t take a discount when that dress is sold. Plus, you need the room and space to buy and display your new inventory properly and elegantly on a semi-annual basis.

Sell and focus on your most profitable inventory and let us sell the rest.  Join our profit-sharing program and make the most of your sample and excess inventory.  Plus, you can make more money per dress then selling it outright to us!  Let us increase your profit margins on these gorgeous dresses.

How do I stay in control of my dresses?

  • You:
    • Are always in control of your items.
    • Decide what the price is.
    • Receive 50% from every dress sale from your inventory.
    • Can view online anytime when it has sold.
    • Can get your item back anytime.
  • Dresses remain confidential.  Your tags are removed and our tags are placed on the dresses. 
  • Low competition: only 2 of the same dresses in the same size allowed.
  • Top sales staff with integrity, respect, and professionalism will handle your dresses with the utmost care. We pull out the red-carpet for all.
  • All sales are final to the bride.

Only a few simply requirements?

  • All wedding dresses must have a retail cost of $800 or higher (minimum of $320 your share).
  • All wedding dresses must come in excellent to very good condition.  Cleaned of any spots, dirt or makeup, and without rips or tears.
  • All wedding dresses must come with a clear garment bag for each dress.
  • All wedding dresses should be within the last four buying seasons (or 2 years in age).

When can my dresses sold at your store?

Brides are coming and ready to buy. Don’t miss this great opportunity to turn your old inventory for a profit without any hassle. Contact us today to get your contract and get started.  Use the link below to get into the system to review all your inventory.

Contact Mashel » Login to Manage Dresses »

This Magic Moment Bridal Studio is your advocate and teammate. We strive to help every bride find that perfect beautiful dress at an affordable price. Every bride deserves a beautiful dress.  Let us put some of your dresses in front of them right away.

Any questions, just let us know.  We are here to help and work with you.  Please fill out the Contact Form below.  We will be in touch with you within the week to discuss all the details and questions you may have.  At that time, we will get your started to send and process your inventory.