Can Only One Bridal Shop Experience Be Enough?

Can only one bridal shop experience be enough?

Yes, Yes & No.


Yes, only one bridal shop experience can be enough, especially when you find “THE” dress.  SoBridal Store Experienceme times it just happens.  It is your first experience and time shopping for a wedding dress and you have that wow moment and say “YES”.  Don’t be surprised if it was the first one you tried on either.  I happens more often than you would think.  Don’t doubt yourself or your feelings.  Most brides will know right away.  Many times, you will have those important to you with you on your first visit.  These influential and important people are there to enjoy, embrace, and celebrate with you.  As your number of bridal visits continue, it becomes harder and harder for schedules to work with yours.  Embrace that one day, especially if it is the right dress.

Wedding Dress DesignersYes, one bridal shop experience can be enough, especially at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio.  When you join us, you know you are getting gorgeous designer dresses at extremely discounted prices.  We are often able to offer discounts beyond what a bridal store may offer.  Therefore, down the street is not going to make a difference.  One special reason brides come to us is because we offer a wide variety of designers.  Many bridal stores have only 2 or 3 designer lines.  We currently have over 25 designers.  You will have that opportunity in one place to try on more styles, more varieties, more designers, and more colors than at most bridal stores.  If you don’t like one styles or fit, we have a variety of other choices to make sure you find the dress that fits and flatters you the best.

No, one bridal shop experience is not enough, only when you didn’t find that dress to say yes to.  It happens and it is OK.  Sometimes, one place just doesn’t have the inventory or selection available that you want, especially if you are seeking a very unique style or color.  Or, we find some brides who are just so nSay Yes To The Dresservous and indecisive that they can’t make a decision right away.  Often times, going to lunch and viewing the photo’s, and/or trying another bridal store helps to affirm whether that was the dress is necessary.  If you find yourself at the next place comparing everything to that one you loved earlier, guess what, you found it!

Lastly, relax and enjoy your experiences, whether one or more.  This is a special time so enjoy the moment.  Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!!!

Will I have a WOW moment?

When is it my WOW Moment?

WOW Moment

We hear some of these questions all the time:

Can it happen on the first appointment?

Can it happen on the very first wedding dress I put on?

How will I know when my WOW moment absolutely is?

Can it happen on the first appointment?  Absolutely!  When you head off to your first bridal appointment, have in mind, this may be the day.  In fact, hope it is the day.  Many times it is a challenge to get all those close to you whom you wish to see you try on dresses match schedules.  You have your captive audience so why not find that perfect wedding dress today?  Social media and TV has given us stories that we have to try on tons and tons of dresses, have this incredible awe experiences at several stores.  It doesn’t usually work that way.  Most times, that is just in Hollywood.  In fact, going to several stores can cause more confusion trying to remember how the ones you liked look on.  From experience, you will know when it is the right dress because it matches or exceeds your expectations on how it looks and feels on you.  If it makes you feel beautiful and like a bride, you have got it!  It may not be what you came in for, but it more than pleasantly surprises you and warms your heart and brightens your smile.  If it does not happen at the first store, that is just okay too!  Try another until you find it.  Many stores only have a few designers and styles, so another store may give you the look and feel you haven’t tried on yet.

WOW momentCan it happen on the very first wedding dress I put on?  Yes it can, it sometimes it does.  Other times, it may be the 5th or 10th dress that day, or even at the 3rd store.  You have to breathe and take your time and be open to possibilities.  If it is the first dress, it was only decided after trying on several others to realize, yes that was the one.

WOW MomentHow will I know when my WOW moment actually is?  Ever bride is different.  Some get weepy and teary, others can’t get the smile off of their face, some detach and look almost stone-faced on the outside, but have the good jittery nerves on the inside saying YES!  Each individual bride will have their own individual experience.   A recommendation is that a bride prepares herself for the moment to shop for the dress and goes in with the expectations of finding that dress in the near future.  Make decisions on yes, I like this about the dress and how it works with my venue.  Make decisions on no I don’t like this part or its not fitting my theme.   Some decisions may be So often brides think the dress is beautiful, but, it is not making them feel like the bride they want to be, therefore, it’s a no.  While it may be overwhelming with designers, styles, colors, allow your bridal attendant to help if need be.  Their experience can help find a dress that fits and flatters your body type.  Just remember, yes some will have that awe inspiring WOW moment, while others will not.  Trust yourself, trust those you brought with you, and remember, it’s about the marriage.  He will love you no matter what.

At This Magic Moment Bridal Studio, we just want you to enjoy the experience, make magical wedding memories, and if it’s possible find that perfect wedding dress at that perfect price just for you!  We devote our time and attention on the bride by offering a private and personal fitting time.  No one but you and your family and friends are in the store.  If you wish to come see us, just make an appointment today.  We can’t wait to meet you.  Best wishes in all your wedding planning.






Why is wedding shopping with us so wonderful?

Why is wedding shopping with This Magic Moment Bridal Studio so wonderful?

Let us show you some great reasons to consider shopping for your special wedding dress with us.

Bridal Fitting AreaThe Bridal Studio is only for you!  This Magic Moment Bridal Studio lets you do your wedding shopping in private and with your guests only.  The entire bridal store is yours for the 90 appointment.  You will always have one to two expert attendants helping just you.  We focus and specialize only on wedding dresses.  Our brides love the quiet, personal, comfortable atmosphere that only dotes on them.  Everyone gets to participate without distractions.  The studio is extremely warm and comfortable for everyone.  A great pedestal surrounded by mirrors helps to show off the bride in her dress.

Designer Wedding DressesA Gigantic Selection of Designer Wedding Dresses.  Many bridal stores have only have a few wedding designers that they are able to carry and provide.  When you wedding shop with us, you will have a big diverse selection of designers.  At a given time, we average twenty-five different wedding designers at a time.  Our dresses come from all over the country.  Our brides rave about the gorgeous selection and many different styles, designers, and colors available to try on.

Wedding ShoppingPriced for The Smart & Sensible Bride!  We love working with the smart and sensible bride.  Don’t we all want to be that.  We love brides who set a budget, regardless of what it is because they have their priorities set and in order.  We want our brides to be able to afford their dress, love their dress, and enter into a marriage on good financial terms.  We love to be the start of it in the wedding shopping process.  With our new and sample wedding dresses, the prices are always reduced from the retail price.  Newer ones are usually less than a season or two, but still provides the savings.  Every dress is from 20% to 80% (or more) off of the retail price.

Happy BrideTake it Home Today!  You found that perfect wedding dress to say “Yes”.  Congratulations!  Now, with us, you get to take it home with you today!!  No waiting on orders, no waiting to see if the dress is the right one and right color.  This is your wedding dress.  Take it home.  Look at it.  Do your other necessary wedding shopping and planning knowing how to compare colors because you have the exact dress.  Start alternations on your time frame.  You have it now so never a worry if it will be ready on your wedding day.  So many brides stress over picking up the dress right before the wedding hoping it fits and is all right.  With us, you always have control and ownership of it.

These are just a few of the wonderful attributes This Magic Moment Bridal Studio can offer its brides.  We know this because they tell us these things all the time.  We hope we can help you in the near future experience that special wedding dress shopping moment you deserve.  Book Now your private and personal appointment with us today.  Always remember….breathe, relax, and have some fun!


Wedding Dress Shopping is Special!

Wedding dress shopping is special!

Special is what This Magic Moment Bridal Studio wants for every bride.

This moment is special, so never settle on the wedding dress or bridal store.

Reduce the Stress!  Finding that wedding dress for many brides is a very stressful time.  Wedding dresses are not something you try on every day so you have no idea what to expect on style, fit, color, or feel.  Even more so, we find brides worried about being the center of attention.  They don’t like it many times.  On top of that, we find that brides are seeking and looking for the approval of the people they bring with them.  It is very important and vital in their decision many times.  If someone is supportive of their wishes and dreams, the stress level automatically increases.  We recommend you take a deep breathe and enjoy being the center of attention.  You are loved and that is why you are here.  Second, bring people with you who will support your wishes and your dreams for your wedding dress.  You want someone honest to tell you how you look in a dress, but a dress that is of your desire and style, not theirs.

Set a Budget!  Set a budget and stick with it.  Their was a good reason you picked that number for your dress.  Do not put yourself in financial trouble before you even get married and start your new life together.  It is not worth it.  You can’t understand that now, but listen to some words of wisdom, it’s not worth it later in life.  Be aware that the most current fashions will be more expensive.  Do you have to have this seasons wedding dress?  Last season’s wedding dress may be very similar, just as pretty, and a lot less expensive.  Keep that in mind.  A sample wedding dress on the floor is just as good as one ordered.  Don’t discount it.  You may have been the only one who tried it on and now you get an even bigger discount.

Wedding Dress Shopping Expectations on Finding the “Yes” Wedding Dress.  Expect to find the dress at the first bridal store.  Even expect it may just be the very first wedding dress you try on.  Both of these are OK!  You will know when it is the “Yes” dress.  Trust your heart and instincts.  Trust those who love you that came to encourage and support you.  Keep your expectations open on styles and colors.  Social media has bombarded our world.  Pictures of models photoshopped and not in real life wedding environments are ideas and fashions to consider, but not to take for granted.  Be open to other options and suggestions.  If you try them on and it’s a no, it’s an official no!  So many brides want one thing, but then realize it does not look good on them, or is comfortable for them to spend the entire day in.  Also know if it isn’t feeling right with all the dresses you have tried on, then it is not right.  Another store and more dresses may just be a possibility due to selection, designers, and a working relationship.  Expect to be able to pay or finance the “Yes” dress that day.  That is why you are there–to find your special dress.

“I Found It!”  Congratulations, you found your perfect wedding dress.  Enjoy, celebrate and relax.  Take care of your financial obligations.  If the time is close enough, make your arrangements and schedules for alternations.  Wedding dress shopping is officially done!  Now, if you haven’t already, is a perfect time to pick your veil while you physically have your dress with you.  You want the color to match.  Next in line is jewelry, shoes, and accessories.  Have fun with this process and let your personality shine through.  Do not go to another bridal store and continue your wedding dress shopping experience.  Do not look through bridal magazines and continue to search Pinterest boards for wedding dresses.  It only causes stress, confusion and a false-sense of buyers remorse.  It was obvious and evident when you bought your dress.  Trust yourself.

Happy BrideWe here at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio wish you all the best in your wedding dress shopping experience.  If we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We hope we are able to be part of that magical and special experience in your life.

Always be the happy bride you deserve to be.


No matter your budget, every bride should have a fantastic experience.

All brides deserve a fantastic experience!

Here at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio our goal is that every bride has a fantastic experience no matter their budget.  Every bride deserves the royal bridal treatment of respect, attention, and relaxed fun.  We want to let you know that we pride ourselves on our service and bridal experience because it does matter.  Every bride gets their one chance to try on wedding dresses and it should be of happy memories.  You should be excited and happy.  The bridal store should be inviting, relaxed, and comfortable.  The attendants should be positive, supportive, and helpful. The dresses should be of excellent quality.  And, the prices should be fair.  That is what we promise to give you at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio.  Just because we have discounted dresses, you will never have a discounted service and that is because you matter to us.

Here’s a peak inside our store to give you a feel of the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere we have designed just for you!

We believe our brides become part of our family when they walk in the door.  We sincerely wish you the best in life, and the best bridal experience because you matter to us.  All brides should have a fantastic experience.  We hope that you will consider coming to have your fantastic bridal experience with us.  We hope to be part of this magical experience with you and promise to do our best to let you experience all the wonderful things you deserve.  Book now and we will see you very soon. We can’t wait to see you say YES to your dress.   ~ With love, This Magic Moment Bridal Studio

Tips for your dress shopping trip.

Tips for your dress shopping that really help.

How should a bride approach her first dress shopping trip?

Finding that perfect wedding dress is an experience and you should be educated on tips for your dress shopping trip to make it easier, fun and stress-free.  Shopping for a wedding dress can be a very overwhelming experience unless you come prepared.  Here are some quick and easy tips to help with your wedding dress shopping jitters.

Recently I shared a quick Periscope (PghWeddingSale) on this very topic. What is Periscope? Periscope is a mobile app that lets you “go live” and share events and information. Perfect for having a fun interactive conversation with people anywhere.

Tips for your dress shopping trip covered during the live Periscope feed.

Do not try to visit too many shops in one day, you will wear out and not remember what dress was in what store.

Most stores do not let you take photos so be sure to ask before you take out the camera. We however do let you take phones, we are just nice like that.

Bring your shape wear with you, you will be amazed what a difference it makes.

Invite 3 or 4 people to be your support system, skip the large group of people, too many opinions makes it hard to choose your dress. Your own thoughts and wishes will get lost in the sea of too many opinions .

Have an idea of what your day is going to feel and look like.  Are you getting married on the beach , in a barn or a grand ballroom  Wedding dresses should fit the venue and the theme of your big day.

Look at dresses online before and think about the fit you would like to try on first. What shape is most appealing to you?   Be open to trying on different shapes and styles because a dress attendant can surprise you with her expertise.

Lastly Have a budget and stick to it!  There is no reason to spend too much on the dress and have buyer’s remorse.

We hope you found these tips useful and informative. Watch our live Periscopes on Wednesday and check back here on Thursdays for a recap.

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Gorgeous Wedding Dress Inventory

Gorgeous Wedding Dress Inventory found at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio!

Don’t delay….This Magic Moment Bridal Studio has some gorgeous wedding dress inventory currently in stock.  Keep in mind, it changes regularly.  As some leaves our door with an amazing bride, other new designer dresses come in from boutiques around the country.  With over 24 designer’s and prices ranging from $199 to $2000 currently, we more-in-likely have something for everyone.  We carry sizes 2 -26 currently.


But what we pride ourselves on more than the gorgeous wedding dress inventory we have, or the fabulous prices, or the top quality dresses, is our service.We pride our bridal studio on the service we provide to our brides and their guests.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, have fun, make special memories, and do it in a stress-free atmosphere.  The day is about the bride finding her dress.  It is time to celebrate and enjoy the experience.  We are honored to be a special part in that process.  That is why we do By Appointment Only!  So make sure to schedule your special and private time with This Magic Moment Bridal Studio today.  Plus, we allow photographs!  Yes, you heard, unlike almost any other place, bring your camera’s and take pictures.  Make lots of memories.  Add some more fun, and bring some bubbly or something you love to celebrate.  We wish you all the best in your wedding planning process, and most importantly, hope that you enjoy every minute of it together as you become one together in the near future.

Never guess a wedding dress by the bag!

wedding dress

Never guess a wedding dress by the bag it is in.  When you are looking at gowns enclosed in even clear bags on racks, you have no idea of the beauty that lies inside unless you take it out.  The bags are great because they protect your dress from dirt, snags, tears, and discolorations, so they are absolutely necessary.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a dress in the bag and never gave it a second glance.  Then, it was taken out and tried on, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This wedding dress I so easily passed over was beyond gorgeous and stunning.  The front had so much more to be seen in the lines and details,  Then, I turned it over to the back and it was unbelievable.  The trains on so many dresses are pulled up and hidden, and they are what brides fall in love with the dress so many times.

Not only do you need to take it out, but you have to try it on.  You will never know if it is flattering or not until it is on your very own body.  So many brides come in with Pinterest pictures of the perfect sized model, with perfect photo alterations, and want only that dress.  Very rarely does it ever work that way.  Be open minded, and if something sparks your eye, try it on!  Until then, you will never know what looks best and amazes you the most.  And, always remember, have fun finding that magical wedding dress and trying it on.  Make happy wedding memories!  Hugs!

Best Bridal Wars Around!


Best Bridal Wars Around!

Pittsburgh just had the Best Bridal Wars around yesterday!  Teams of three, one bride and two bridesmaids, came together to battle against each other.  These ladies went all out decorating their costumes to match their creative team names.  Just a few great team names were Hot Mess Express, Muscles & Mascara, To The Alter & Beyond, and Diamonds in the Tough!  Costumes ranged from veils, garter belts, bling, tutu’s, and super hero capes!  Some even had wings.  But that was just the start of all the fun.  With over 15 cool vendors, each table offered a special game for these team to compete in.

Each vendor’s table declared a winner.  This Magic Moment Bridal Studio’s Bridal War game was “Who Wore it Best!”.  Each team member had to put on a wedding dress, run down the field, pick up a monster diamond ring or bouquet, and return for the best time.  Our team winner was the Spice Girls!  They were amazing coming in at only 47 seconds for all three ladies to run the course.  Marki Mark and the Funky Bunch came in a close second at 57 seconds.  No matter the time, all the teams were awesome.  They had smiles on their faces, worked together as a team, and laughed until their ribs hurt!  Us included.  It was the most exciting, energetic and fun bridal show we have ever been to.

One lucky bride who won the entire event was awarded $1000 towards her wedding!  Plus, hundred of dollars and prizes were given away to many other teams for their participation and amazing bridal team spirit.  We can’t wait for Bridal Wars Pittsburgh to return again soon.  Plus, we hope the brides and their friends we met will come visit This Magic Moment Bridal Studio soon.  We enjoyed the fun, laughter, and spirit from everyone.  Make sure to watch this fun video of all the excitement and special brides and their teams from yesterday.

Bridal Wars Pittsburgh

Bridal Wars Pittsburgh

Bridal Wars PittsburghBridal Wars PittsburghBridal Wars PittsburghG

This weekend you will find us at a premiere event called Bridal Wars Pittsburgh. Bridal Wars is a fun way to bond with your best girls with having some fantastic fun. Teams compete for prizes while completing games and puzzles. Look for us with one of our gowns, compete in our challenge and receive a valuable coupons to go towards your dress shopping experience. an even win a 100$ Gift Certificate towards a gown from us!

Bridal Wars will be at the Cool Springs Sports Complex on Sunday November 1st starting at 11:00 am- located at  1530 Hamilton Rd. Bethel Park, PA 15234

“Grab your girlfriends and meet us on the field! Bridal Wars is a team competition event touring the country with our Host Randy Fenoli star of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”!  Teams of 3 compete in our one-of-a kind challenges, win great prizes and have a blast doing it!  The challenges are a little […]”

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