Designer Tuxedo’s for all your men!


For the Grooms Eyes Only!  Build Your Own Designer Tuxedo Just for You!

Designer Tuxedo's

It is fast.  It is easy.  It comes right to your house.  Design your own tuxedo, get several delivered to your house so you know what you like best.  Receive your final designer tuxedo 2-weeks in advanced.  Any problems with the tuxedo or measurements, no worries, Xedo will get it corrected and back to you in plenty of time.  Drop it in the mail afterwards and you are done!

Do you have groomsmen all over the country?  No problem.  Each groomsman can get the designer tuxedo you ordered shipped directly to them for fit and accuracy.  Xedo’s job is to make you look handsome and make it as easy as possible.  Plus, you don’t have to go shopping at the store or mall.  Just enough options in styles, looks, and colors to make it fun, fashionable, and fantastic for your magical day!  Use promo code MAGICMOMENT when logging in.

Designer Tuxedo

If the bridesmaid dresses are from Michael Kors, Allure, or Justin Alexander you can match colors exactly.  If not, still not a problem.  The amount of beautiful colors available from all designer brands is unbelievable.  A wide variety of colors and patterns available.  Options galore to make your vision and theme gorgeous and beautiful. Start building your dreams online today.

This Magic Moment Bridal Studio does not have any tuxedo’s in the store.  We do have a book of sample swatch colors and free measuring tapes if you need some personal assistance.  Please make sure to call to schedule an appointment at 412-447-8070 since we are open by appointment only.  All tux’s, transactions, payments, and shipping are from Xedo or PROMGUY and you and/or your wedding party directly.  We are here to help assist you as best as possible.

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