Minimalist Couples A Trend



All week the word “Micro-wedding” keeps coming up, so let’s talk about it as it is a big trend with all the minimalist couples.  Micro-wedding differs from elopement. Elopement is organized by the bride and groom and is a secret!  Micro-wedding still keeps many of the traditional aspects of a normal wedding, but just on a much smaller scale.

MIcroweddingPeople tend to classify a micro-wedding with 15 or less people.  With the costs of weddings going up and up, brides and grooms want to save that money and use it in better places for themselves. In Pittsburgh, weddings are almost $28,000.  That is just below the country norm of $29,900,

Couples tend to be together much longer before getting married.  Even living together has increased over the years.  So instead of spending tons of money on feeding food and cake to a bunch of people they haven’t seen in years they are going small.

Our brides and grooms are in a world where the experience is more important.  They would rather register for a trip to Europe then fine china. They would rather be with a few close friends, versus friends they haven’t seen in years or co-workers they really don’t care about.  

Instead, it is a small, highly intimate, and personal wedding with just the closest of family and friends they are desiring.  They want to relax and enjoy the ceremony and reception with everyone. It’s basically up close and personal and usually very memorable. 

micro-weddingBrides and grooms pick places where they first met, got engaged, or love to go to.  Extended family and friends are more willing to be ok with not being invited knowing it is so small. The bride and groom still get to do traditional wedding things such as a ceremony, cake, dancing, photographer, and flowers.  

Minimalist Couple But Still Traditional

It is just on a mini or micro level.   A minimalist couple doesn’t go without, then just minimalize some of the part of the wedding to fit their style.

But as always, it is your day and you can do what you want big or small, traditional or non-traditional, lavish budget or DIY budget.  If you do not want any or all of these things, elopement may be the way for you.

Share with us whether you want the big wedding (over 200 people), medium wedding, micro-wedding (under 20), or to just get away alone and elope?  Tell us why and help other couples make a decision knowing they are no alone.


Never guess a wedding dress by the bag!

wedding dress

Never guess a wedding dress by the bag it is in.  When you are looking at gowns enclosed in even clear bags on racks, you have no idea of the beauty that lies inside unless you take it out.  The bags are great because they protect your dress from dirt, snags, tears, and discolorations, so they are absolutely necessary.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a dress in the bag and never gave it a second glance.  Then, it was taken out and tried on, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  This wedding dress I so easily passed over was beyond gorgeous and stunning.  The front had so much more to be seen in the lines and details,  Then, I turned it over to the back and it was unbelievable.  The trains on so many dresses are pulled up and hidden, and they are what brides fall in love with the dress so many times.

Not only do you need to take it out, but you have to try it on.  You will never know if it is flattering or not until it is on your very own body.  So many brides come in with Pinterest pictures of the perfect sized model, with perfect photo alterations, and want only that dress.  Very rarely does it ever work that way.  Be open minded, and if something sparks your eye, try it on!  Until then, you will never know what looks best and amazes you the most.  And, always remember, have fun finding that magical wedding dress and trying it on.  Make happy wedding memories!  Hugs!

7 Great Ways for Pittsburgh Brides to Sweat Before the Dress – Beyond the Cookie Table – September 2015

7 Great Ways to Sweat Before the Dress!

Sweat before the Dress

Time to sweat before the dress!  Yes, we all want to look fabulous on our wedding day.  It’s not all about weight, but that works too.  Looking fit and lean is not only good for us to fit into our wedding dress, its going for our health and state of mind.  We’ve compiled seven fantastic workout options for local brides who want to look and feel their best on the big day.  A little sweat before the dress can always clear the mind and refresh the body.

We all know working out is not our favorite thing to do but the push to be be fit before the dress is hard to ignore. Share with us your best work out tips and favorite places to work out in the Burgh. It is always better to do it together than alone.  Our accountability partner(s) can be some of the best time we share together in friendships.  Challenging each other, sweating together before the dress, and getting fit and healthy are great ways to live.  It doesn’t have to be an all day event either.  Make it fit in your schedule.  Make it fun.  Make it a lifestyle.  I personally LOVE fresh air and enjoy a good nature hike.

Source: 7 Great Ways for Pittsburgh Brides to Sweat Before the Dress – Beyond the Cookie Table – September 2015

Pittsburgh Magazine: Weddings and Brides – Pittsburgh, PA

Weddings and Brides of Pittsburgh

Weddings and Brides of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Weddings features stories and blogs on some of the amazing weddings and brides of Pittsburgh.  See what goes on right here in our own city.  See the beauty that surrounds us in churches, banquet facilities, and places to take some amazing and gorgeous pictures.  Learn about some of the best of the best vendors around to make your day perfect.  Who’s who in the wedding world and what unique products and services they offer that may just fit perfectly with your wedding day.

This gorgeous city has so much to offer any wedding and brides of Pittsburgh.  All you need to do is figure out what your theme is and how you want your wedding to look.  Then it makes it much easier to find that perfect location, that delicious cake, that amazing photographer, and that perfect wedding dress.  Don’t give up on your dreams.  They can come true.  Take the time to read through, dream, create and make your wedding the day you always wanted it to be.  Do it easily through these great ideas, inspirations and true stories.   Pittsburgh brides make it happen and happen in some of the best ways.

Source: Pittsburgh Magazine: Weddings and Brides – Pittsburgh, PA

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type | SparkPeople

What is the best wedding dress for your body type?

While all styles of wedding gowns are beautiful, choosing the right one can accentuate your best assets, no matter your shape or size.  You may fit into more than one two, but by knowing your general body type, it saves time and tears on trying on wedding dresses that flatter your body type.  Avoid the frustrations of trying on too many dresses and not finding that perfect one.  When you know what you like, and what looks best on your body, it’s not hard at all to put that perfect smile on your face and say “yes” to that perfect dress.

wedding dresses and body typeSometimes, what we don’t like about ourselves, may actually be some of our greatest assets when it comes to our body type.  If you are unsure, make sure to rely on your bridal attendant fitting you.  They are professionals and work with brides and wedding dresses daily.  Let their experience and expertise help make it easier and a lot more fun finding your wedding dress.  We at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio are always here to help you.

Source: The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type | SparkPeople