About Us


Co-Owners of This Magic Moment Bridal StudioLisa Filter and Mashel Rathmell have been in the wedding business for almost four years helping budget conscious brides plan their wedding without sacrificing style and quality.  For several years, these ladies have done this through weekend wedding sales around the Pittsburgh region.  You may have heard of them as This Magic Moment Wedding Sale, a place where you could find that perfect wedding dress, vendors, and even consigned wedding décor. Throughout the years, they continued to receive calls from brides all around the region asking, “Where is your store?  I need a wedding dress right away.”  They were only able to help them out semi-annual, breaking many brides hearts.  Due to an ever increasing demand by brides all around, they dreamed of a permanent location.  One day a clear sign occurred, and a shared dream became a reality.  They now have the opportunity to help brides daily, and provide a beautiful and intimate atmosphere through This Magic Moment Bridal Studio.

Now, Lisa and Mashel are able to focus all of their attention on the gorgeous designer wedding dresses, intimate service, and a magical wedding experience to last a lifetime.  These ladies search throughout the country for the best designer wedding dresses, at the best prices.  With strict standards and requirements, all dresses are approved before they enter the racks.  Every bride deserves a perfect dress.  This Magic Moment Bridal Studio is also able to offer not just a few line of designer dresses, but a large variety of designers, thus giving brides so many options in styles, colors, and detail.  Currently they have over 25 different designer wedding dresses in stock, and always changing.  Plus, a wide range of sizes, from 2 to 24 are currently available.

This Magic Moment Bridal Studio loves working with the brides and seeing that special smile that happens when they find that one dress just for them.  It breaks their hearts when money gets in the way of making these dreams come true.  Therefore, they have found the best way for a bride to find that dress and to be able to afford it.  Lisa and Mashel are conscious of a brides budget, and honor that when trying on dresses.  This Magic Moment Bridal Studio promises to treat every brides as the special woman they are and deserve to be.  The studio is open by appointment only so that the  bride and her family have the entire place just for them.  Private, intimate and personal is the best way to go on when trying on dresses.  When it is time to create joyous wedding memories, this is the place to come for your wedding dress. Plus, you are welcomed and encouraged to take pictures and capture all these great memories.  Schedule your personal and private online appointment today.

See you soon!  XO Lisa & Mashel