Micro-wedding’s for the Minimalist Couples


All week the word “Micro-wedding” keeps coming up, so let’s talk about it as it is a big trend.  Micro-wedding differs from elopement. Elopement is organized by the bride and groom and is a secret!  Micro-wedding still keeps many of the traditional aspects of a normal wedding, but just on a much smaller scale.

MIcroweddingPeople tend to classify a micro-wedding with 15 or less people.  With the costs of weddings going up and up, now approaching almost $28,000 in Pittsburgh (just below the country norm of $29,900), brides and grooms want to save that money and use it in better places for themselves.

Couples tend to be together much longer before getting married, even living together has increased over the years.  So instead of spending tons of money on feeding food and cake to a bunch of people, some of which they haven’t seen in years, is no longer attractive.

Our brides and grooms are in a world where the experience is more important.  They would rather register for a trip to Europe then fine china. They would rather be with a few close friends, versus friends they haven’t seen in years or co-workers they really don’t care about.  

Instead, it is a small, highly intimate, and personal wedding with just the closest of family and friends they are desiring.  They want to relax and enjoy the ceremony and reception with everyone. It’s basically up close and personal and usually very memorable.

micro-weddingBrides and grooms pick places where they first met, got engaged, or love to go to.  Extended family and friends are more willing to be ok with not being invited knowing it is so small. The bride and groom still get to do traditional wedding things such as a ceremony, cake, dancing, photographer, and flowers.  

It is just on a mini or micro level.   But as always, it is your day and you can do what you want big or small, traditional or non-traditional, lavish budget or DIY budget.  If you do not want any or all of these things, elopement may be the way for you.

Share with us whether you want the big wedding (over 200 people), medium wedding, micro-wedding (under 20), or to just get away alone and elope?  Tell us why and help other couples make a decision knowing they are no alone.