Tips for your dress shopping trip.

Tips for your dress shopping that really help.

How should a bride approach her first dress shopping trip?

Finding that perfect wedding dress is an experience and you should be educated on tips for your dress shopping trip to make it easier, fun and stress-free.  Shopping for a wedding dress can be a very overwhelming experience unless you come prepared.  Here are some quick and easy tips to help with your wedding dress shopping jitters.

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Tips for your dress shopping trip covered during the live Periscope feed.

Do not try to visit too many shops in one day, you will wear out and not remember what dress was in what store.

Most stores do not let you take photos so be sure to ask before you take out the camera. We however do let you take phones, we are just nice like that.

Bring your shape wear with you, you will be amazed what a difference it makes.

Invite 3 or 4 people to be your support system, skip the large group of people, too many opinions makes it hard to choose your dress. Your own thoughts and wishes will get lost in the sea of too many opinions .

Have an idea of what your day is going to feel and look like.  Are you getting married on the beach , in a barn or a grand ballroom  Wedding dresses should fit the venue and the theme of your big day.

Look at dresses online before and think about the fit you would like to try on first. What shape is most appealing to you?   Be open to trying on different shapes and styles because a dress attendant can surprise you with her expertise.

Lastly Have a budget and stick to it!  There is no reason to spend too much on the dress and have buyer’s remorse.

We hope you found these tips useful and informative. Watch our live Periscopes on Wednesday and check back here on Thursdays for a recap.

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