Why shop with us?

This Magic Moment Bridal Studio full of discount designer wedding dresses.Why shop with us at This Magic Moment Bridal Studio with all these other great bridal stores around Pittsburgh?  All the bridal stores around here have their speciality and tons of wonderful dresses, but let me share with you This Magic Moment Bridal Studio.  We are proud to say we focus on the Smart & Sensible Bride! The bride that wants a beautiful designer wedding dress, but not having to pay full price for it.  While our dresses may be last season or two ago, they are still in style, fashionable, and gorgeous.  They are just reduced anywhere from 30% – 75% off of the retail price.

Because we get these gorgeous new and sample dresses from around the U.S., we are able to offer a larger variety of world-wide designers.  Currently we have approximately 28 different designer wedding dresses in stock.  If you find that perfect dress in your size, you get to take it home with you today!  Our inventory is immediately available and always changing.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on servicing our brides as best as possible.  We want everyone to have the full royal bridal treatment.  We offer a comfortable, cozy and intimate atmosphere to try on dresses and share with your closest family/friends.  We appreciate your level of modesty, and want to make you as comfortable as possible.  We allow you 90 special minutes of attention just on you.  Try on as many dresses as you like.  Take pictures, make memories, and enjoy the wedding experience. If we can do this, we are honored to be part of those memories.

If this is something you are looking for, we hope you make an appointment to spend some time with us.  We promise to do our best to take great care of you and your family/friends.  Let’s find that amazing designer wedding dress at a price worth smiling over.  Take your savings and spend it on other things you never thought you could have for your wedding.  But most of all, be confident and happy in everything you experience with us.  Come shop with us and schedule your appointment today at www.PghWeddingSale.com.  We can’t wait to meet you.